Category Cambridge 8 test 4 reading answers

Cambridge 8 test 4 reading answers

This post can guide you the best to comprehend each Reading answer without facing much difficulty. In this type of question, candidates are asked to find out whether:. The statement in the question agrees with the information in the passage — TRUE. Question Taxonomic research involves comparing members of one group of ants.

Keywords for this question: Taxonomic research, comparing members, one group of ants. So, the answer is: TRUE. Question New species of ant are frequently identified by taxonomists. Keywords for this question: new species, frequently, identified, by taxonomists.

Only paragraph no. Question Range is the key criterion for ecological collections. Keywords for this question: Range, key criterion, ecological collections. In paragraph no. Keywords for this question: single collection, generally, used for, both, taxonomic, ecological purposes. The last few lines of paragraph no. This often makes the taxonomic investigation insignificant. Thus, a single collection cannot be used for both taxonomic and ecological purposes.

Click here! Candidates are given some statements from the text, and a list of options, which are listed as A, B, C, etc. They must match the correct statements with the correct options. So, they should be answered after all other questions in the passage.

Question It is preferable to take specimens from groups of ants. Keywords for this question: preferable, take specimens, groups of ants. So, the answer is: A hand collecting.This post can guide you the best to comprehend each Reading answer without facing much difficulty.

cambridge 8 test 4 reading answers

Questions Multiple choice questions. Generally, this question is found as the last question so you should not worry much about it. Finding all the answers to previous questions gives you a good idea about the title. Question The use of pesticides has contributed to —. Keywords for this question: use of pesticides, contributed to. So, the answer is: B an imbalance in many ecologies around the world. Click here! Keywords for this question: The Food and Agriculture Organisation, counted, more thanagricultural pests.

In paragraph no. This means that pesticides are no longer effective on these species of agricultural pests. So, the answer is: A are no longer responding to most pesticides in use. Question Cotton farmers in Central America began to use pesticides —. Keywords for this question: Cotton farmers, Central America, began, use pesticides.

In the early s, basking in the glory of chemical-based intensive agriculture, the farmers avidly took to pesticides as a sure measure to boost crop yield. So, the answer is: D to ensure more cotton was harvested from each crop. Question By the mids, cotton farmers in Central America found that pesticides —.

Keywords for this question: mids, cotton farmers, Central America, found, pesticides. The statement in the question agrees with the claims of the writer in the passage — YES. The statement in the question contradicts with the claims of the writer in the passage — NO.This post can guide you the best to comprehend each Reading answer without facing much difficulty. Questions List of headings :. A heading will refer to the main idea of the paragraph or section of the text.

Candidates must find out the equivalent heading to the correct paragraphs or sections, which are marked with alphabets A, B, C and so forth. Candidates need to write the appropriate Roman numerals in the boxes on their answer sheets. There will always be two or three more headings than there are paragraphs or sections.


So, some of the headings will not be used. It is also likely that some paragraphs or sections may not be included in the task. Generally, the first paragraph is an example paragraph that will be done for the candidates for their understanding of the task. TIPS: Skimming is the best reading technique. You need not understand every word here. Just try to gather the gist of the sentences. Section B is clearly an overview of lower secondary schools or middle-years education in Japan.

The writer gives a description of the number of years, the different facilities, timing of lessons, break-time and description of the class-size, etc. So, the answer is: vii Background to middle-years education in Japan. Click here! So, the answer is: i The influence of Monbusho. This section describes the format of every lesson in Monbusho system.

Only rarely are supplementary worksheets distributed in a maths class. So, the answer is: v The typical format of a maths lesson. In observed lessons, any strugglers would be assisted by the teacher or quietly seek help from their neighbour. So, the answer is: ii Helping less successful students. The first lines of parts 1 and 2 of section F give us the answer to this question.

Clearly, attitudes are important. So, the answer is: viii The key to Japanese successes in maths education. The statement in the question agrees with the claims of the writer in the passage — YES. The statement in the question contradicts with the claims of the writer in the passage — NO. For this type of question, you can divide each statement into three independent pieces and make your way through with the answer. Keywords for the question: wider range of achievement, English pupils, studying maths, Japanese counterparts.

Here, wider means greaterachievement means attainment.It can be inferred from this that prior to AD, such knowledge had been exclusive to the Romans and only they knew how to make glass.

Because the questions follow the order of the text, and we already know the position of the answer to question 7 in third paragraphjust pay attention to the following parts. Therefore the answer is TRUE. He started the company and he was the owner. Hence, the statement that he was hired by the company, meaning that he was an employee, must be FALSE.

However, there is no information about glass being produced by international companies. The correct answer is TRUE. Key words: discovery, animal bone, lynx The date can be found in the first paragraph using the skim and scan skill.

It can be understood that after this discovery, scientists had enough proof to say that the extinction of the lynx had happened much later than previously thought. Hence, the answer is D. The first half of the sentence means that the presence of large predators can extensively affect the ecosystems in which they live. Hence, more species are more likely to survive, which means biodiversity is increased. The answer is A. The answer is C. Commercial fishing leaves no fish offspring in the sea,meaning no fish to catch in the near future.

Therefore, the answer is A. Their message is, therefore, positive so the answer has to be C. A predator is an organism that exists by preying upon other organisms. The fact that the lynx is a predator of the roe deer means that it feeds on, therefore reduces the number of, the latter. Therefore, Britain cannot be the first European country to reintroduce the lynx. The answer is NO. This suggests that the land previously used for farming is now available for the lynx to inhabit, spreading their territory.

The answer is YES. The sentence suggests that the lynx could become a tourist attraction, bringing in money to the areas where they live. In other words, they bring about commercial benefits, so the correct answer isYES.

cambridge 8 test 4 reading answers

Therefore the correct heading is iv Many external bodies being held responsible for problems. The correct heading is ii — The impact on companies of being subjected to close examination.Moreover, the writer only refers to Monbusho in paragraph C. So, in England and Wales it is common for some pupils to achieve very high scores, while others only have low scores.

This means that the writer states only that state schools are modern and spacious. We do not know whether private schools are more modern than state schools or not. It is the students who mark their own homework. Therefore, teachers do not need to use work sheets, the maths textbooks contain everything that the pupils need. This results in an imbalance in many ecologies around the world.

Key words: disease-spreading pests, respond, more quickly, pesticides, agricultural pests. There is no mention of which type of pests develop resistance to pesticides more quickly. The information is not given. That means weed Salvinia molesta plagues about 30, hectares of rice fields in Kerala. Key words: new species of ant, identified, taxonomists All the information relating to taxonomic research is in paragraph 1.

There is no information about how often new species of ant are identified by taxonomists. Therefore, one collection of ants cannot always be used for both purposes. Rain forests and marshy areas are wet habitats. That means when using pitfall traps, little time and effort is required to look after and check the traps [this is the advantage of this method]. Each insect is placed in a separate tube.The damage caused to US golf courses and golf players by lightning strikes.

The effect of lightning on power supplies in the US and in Japan.

Cambridge IELTS 8 TEST4 Speaking

A laser technique used in trying to control lightning strikes. Does considerable damage to buildings during thunderstorms. Kills or injures mainly golfers in the United States.

cambridge 8 test 4 reading answers

Kills or injures around people throughout the world. Damages more than American power companies. Are using the same techniques The technique used in research at the University of Florida is firing rockets into thunder clouds, and the technique of the University of New Mexico is to use lasers to discharge lightning.

Are employed by commercial companies. Are in opposition to each other. The laser is no nifty portable…. Diels is trying to cut down the size…. This means that the main difficulty of using the laser is that it is not easy to carry or to move. Diels is trying to cut down the laser to the size of a small table. Therefore, in comparison to rockets, using laser techniques is less dangerous than using rockets in order to control electrical charges.

That means in order to protect the laser, it is firstly directed at a mirror, not pointed straight at the clouds. Key words: power companies, Diels, enough money, develop laser.

Key words: Money, improve the lasers, depend on, real storms. That means Diels hopes his system can interact and affect weather, but there is no information about the interest of weather forecasters in his system.


Most of the popular beliefs about genius and giftedness are mentioned in paragraph 2 A. Truly gifted people are talented in all areas.

cambridge 8 test 4 reading answers

That means they are unable to be talented in all areas. The talents of geniuses are soon exhausted. People never appreciate true genius. Gifted people develop their greatness through difficulties. Genius will always reveal itself. Therefore, it is not always true that genius is recognized or reveals itself. So, studies failed to take into account the education and health of the circumstances of children from a range of social classes — the social norms.

Key words: true genius, general powers, excellence in any area. Key words: skills of ordinary individual, the same as, the skills of prodigies. This means that the skills of prodigies are similar to those of ordinary people, but their achievements are much greater. Key words: truly great ideas, accepted, taken for granted, fails, lessen their significance.There are many more recreational and promising punters that joined our team and share their football tips.

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