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We were also excited to welcome back long time Rotarian Ted Tokunow! We are all glad to see that he is feeling better and doing well. Another great meeting! Jim is an accountant and gave us an update on the most recent tax laws.

Marisol of the Automobile Driving Museum gave a craft talk and told us a little bit about herself. Latest News. Are you an El Segundo senior who needs help shopping for basic necessities?

malt madness map

You are not alone! Event Updates. We care deeply about our community and want to do the right thing for the safety and wellbeing of everyone.

Malt Madness strengthens our community through fundraising that is given back to worthy causes such as education and fighting disease. But it goes beyond fundraising.

Scotland -- The Whisky Trail

We also help small businesses by raising awareness of their products. We help professionals by providing a networking opportunity for them to connect on a local level. And we help friends by providing a space to share smiles and laughter. This is a wonderful event. But our first priority is health. Stay healthy and we will see you in June! Pageant of the Arts Great meeting with our Pageant of the Arts winners!So, in I published a few pages about malt whisky.

In December the site had over pages - and then it crashed. Below you can find an overview of the five main sections of the Malt Madness website to help you find your way around these pages.

Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for news on the ongoing reconstruction of MM - or consider supporting me on Patreon if you would like to help speed up the reconstruction process. So, you're interested in single malt whiskyeh? Meanwhile, malt whisky has grown much more popular in recent years. Thanks to the harsh laws of supply and demand, prices have gone up as well. These days, I try to spend my funds more wisely However, the whole process will take many years, while the world keeps revolving and technology keeps evolving.

For relative beginners, the whisky world can be quite confusing. The old Distillery Data section contains pages about the whisky distilleries in Scotland.

Many pages look a little funky after the crash, but are still more or less browsable. Apart from information about the history, equipment and practices of each distillery, the DD section has thousands of tasting notes for various expressions from each malt and grain distillery.

Do you know what earlier versions Malt Madness were missing? A list with detailed information about the words and phrases that are commonly used in the whisky world. Some whisky books provide an index with a few hundred entries, but most books only cover one or a few topics. So, I started writing about whisky in my Liquid Log.

By there were over log entries with tasting notes on more than 4, malt whiskies. You can find the locations of almost all whisky distilleries on the interactive whisky map. And if you move your mouse over the location of the distillery, a tiny window pops up with some additional information.

malt madness map

Actually clicking on the name of the distillery will take you to the profile of that distillery in the Distillery Data section with additional info and tasting notes.

And the whisky world has changed quite a bit as well since the early s. Nevertheless, the technical foundation of this site has basically not changed since the days that Windows95 made our lives miserable. Windows has improved a lot since then, but by now this site is slowly falling apart. Should it appear as if this site has not been updated in a while, I suggest you check out my new personal website on www.

You may understand that the constant fear of a PC crash makes working on Malt Madness a little frustrating. However, with hundreds of pages still requiring refurbishment you will encounter the sign below on some pages for a while longerIn fact, I imagine that many of the whisk e y tasting tips in this guide might help with other types of whisky as well.

Are you a 'novice' in the world of single malt Scotch whisky - or whiskey? Or maybe you wonder if and why you should try single malt whisky at all? If you already know a thing or two, you can also jump directly to a particular topic in the the list of chapters at the right and the top of each page.

If you think you already know all there is to know about malt whisky, think again and check the brand new Whisky Lexicon. Do you consider yourself a whisky expert? Congratulations; then you can move along. Be that as it may, it never hurts to learn a little more about whiskey.

The Advanced Beginners Guide will never be completely finished, but it provides more room to look at topics from a broader perspective. For now, the Debunker Bunker is still under construction.

Chapter one deals with the spelling of whisky or whiskey and the difference between whisky and whiskey.

Do you know your hogshead from your butt? Or a 'pure malt' from a 'vatted malt' - or 'blended malt' even? What is the difference between malt whisky and grain whisky - and what other whisky 'types' are available? And what about the pronunciation of names like Auchroisk? The second chapter on whisky vocabulary should help you prevent unnecessary embarrassments.

Whisk e y distillation was discovered in Scotland or Irelandbut nowadays whisky is produced all over the world. Most malt whisky distilleries are still Scotchbut you can find malt whisky distilleries in dozens of countries now.

The chapter on whisky geography looks at these issues and more. Together with geography and maturation, distillation is one of the three main 'ingredients' of Scotch malt whisky.

Chapter 4 deals with all stages of the distillation process. That includes the growing of barley grains, malting, germination, mashing, fermentation, various pot still types and, last but not least, the actual distillation of the malt whisky in copper pot stills. After at least 3 years of maturation in oak casks the freshly distilled spirit has transformed into whisky. The pedigree and history of the wood and casks is perhaps the most significant factor in shaping the final product.Drinking whisky all by yourself could be perceived as sad - unless you have a valid excuse.

The Malt Maniacs Monitor

I started keeping tasting notes in my Liquid Log in the late s, which gave me an excuse to have a few drams almost every evening until By the time I had written log entries my doctor told me that I should probably take it a little easier on the almost daily dramming. When the malt madness struck me in the early s, the only decent whisky that I could find in Holland was malt whisky from Scotland. And I was in luck, because thanks to overproduction in the s and s the stuff was quite affordable.

So, I started on a quest to try and taste six different expression from every active distillery in Scotland. Thus, the DD section was born. The old Distillery Data section contains pages about the Scotch distilleries which are more or less surfable. Apart from some historical and technical details on every active and recently closed distillery, the DD section contains thousands of tasting notes for various expressions of each malt whisky distillery in Scotland.

The whisky world can be quite confusing for novices. And you should make the most of that time by drinking away your shame with a few bottles of whisky. Explaining some of the whiskey vocabulary used during tasting sessions. The geography of Scotch whisky still offers some interesting insights. Malt whisky distillation requires specific ingredients and equipment.

The proper maturation of whisky sets it apart from many younger spirits.

Welcome to Malt Madness 4.0!

The topics of whisk e y bottles and bottling are not as simple as it seems. When shopping for whisky you can save money with your new knowledge. Finally, you can start tasting whisky - but that requires some skills too.

The conclusion of the guide includes a reading list for further research. The locations of almost all malt whisky distilleries can be found on the interactive whisky map. Moving your mouse over the location of a distillery will trigger a tiny window with some additional information to pop up. Clicking on the name of the distillery will take you to the profile of that distillery in the Distillery Data section with even more information, opinions and tasting notes.

Interesting whiskies are produced in many other countries as well now. Do you know what earlier versions Malt Madness were missing? A list with detailed information about the words and phrases that are commonly used in the whisky world.Very interesting! But what could be the cause? In the first chapter I explained why I have been focussing my spirited affections on malt whiskies from Scotland. It must be much bigger than it looks on this map, because at one point in history there used to be over different whisky distilleries in the Highlands alone.

Nowadays, there are around one hundred active malt whisky distilleries left in all of Sotland. In the past, people used to get excited about sub-divididing the Speyside area further into regions like 'Livet' or 'Findhorn Valley'. In these modern time, the company that owns a distillery plays a much bigger role than local factors like Scotch micro-climates.

For example, look at that bottle of Balvenie at the left Well, they are owned by the same company It is not uncommon for people to get emotional when they are drinking whisky - and imagine grandiose plans. Many enthusiastic travel plans to Scotland have been inspired by the whisky that was made there - and many more were abandoned again in the harsh light of day But if you are going to travel, Scotland is pretty great!

The history of Scotland is fascinating. Two millennia ago Romans got as far north as the Antonine Wall leftbuilt it and, erm Just a few of the ruins have remained visible to this day. Most importantly, at some point they started building pretty stills The latest Scotch whisky boom started around the year This situation has changed a lot in the third millennium.

Oh, how the times have a-changed Check out the chapter on shopping for tips.You can move the map around by dragging it with your mouse, or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Moving the mouse over a distillery label on the map will reveal some basic information. Clicking on a label will open the full distillery profile on Malt Madness. If your browser prevents opening links in new windows or tabs, press your SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking the link or right-click to choose your prefered way of opening the link.

If you want to find out where a distillery is located, simply pick a name from the alphabetical list of distilleries in the upper left corner of your screen. This will highlight the name and make the map move towards its location. Names of silent malt whisky distilleries are distinguished by their brown colour, grain distilleries are white. Alternatively, you can use the minimap in the upper right corner of your screen.

The rectangular selector on the minimap indicates the part of the map that is currently visible; simply drag around the selector to explore the area of your choice. Clicking on the minimap outside of the selector will move the map to the clicked position immediately.

Whisky Map of Scotland Loading map D istilleries M inimap H elp. Whisky Map of Scotland Interaction with the map You can move the map around by dragging it with your mouse, or by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Distilleries menu If you want to find out where a distillery is located, simply pick a name from the alphabetical list of distilleries in the upper left corner of your screen.Anyway - in my efforts to stay on the cutting edge of web technology I may have gotten a little carried away, because it lead to By the early noughties there was a thriving online whisky community on the web.

malt madness map

ByMalt Madness had involved into the 1. Most names have changed, but MM is still divided into 5 sections on Scotch whisky. I like to think that it works sometimes - and it definitely works for minimising the time I could have wasted on talking to assholes. Those are the ones pointing out that American politician Al Gore discovered the internet. After a shaky start at Geocities inMalt Madness became a proper website in and at the left you can see how it looked until Many people still viewed the world x pixels at a time, so I could still get away with a design like that.

Or at least I thought I did Incidentally, people who thought Palm Pilots or Blackberries were cool were often wankers too Around the year I was still struggling towards my th tasting note, but when the group of whisky fanatics around the MM website had grown to a dozen members we actively started swapping samples through the post.

At the end of the maniacs got their own site. Byhundreds of e-mails were flying back and forth on a daily basis and the group of malt maniacs dipped their toes in the murky waters of social media. At the same time, Serge Valentin added his fantastic Whiskyfun website to Malt Madness and Malt Maniacs and our online whisky trilogy was born.

For a few years things moved along swimmingly and our membership gradually grew towards three dozen members. Just like Malt Madness, Malt Maniacs started as an independent initiative.

The number of whisky articles that were submitted for public consumption started to dwindle. As a result, my own motivation began to dwindle as well. That felt like a good moment to retire - all the more so because I experienced some health issues. So, I decided to spend a little less time behind my PC and some more time walking and cycling.

Progress on Malt Madness was slow while I got rid of more than 20 kilograms of excess body weight. However, but by the end of I felt revitalised and boldly picked up the Malt Madness site again. Of course, this tempted fate in all the right places, so Malt Madness experienced This time a major reconstruction of the website was in order anyway.

Sincetechnology has advanced to a point where people wanted to read Malt Madness on their mobile phones. Well, SOME people at least Because I have to use ancient technology, this takes much more time than with modern tools like WordPress, so the entire process will take me years rather than months. Follow me on Twitter for updates on the process - or check out the sitemap for a full overview of the pages that are almost finished.

You can pick a specific year to jump back in time. Or you could just try to be patient After this lengthy introduction, you know how we got where we are today. So, now what? You can find an overview of all pages on the sitemap of Malt Madness, but here are just a few suggestions:.

This site started without a real mission statement - I just was mad about malt whisky.



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