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Naruto and sasuke switch bodies fanfiction

Naruto snickered. He'd finally managed to break back into the top secret hidden records room and write down a useful jutsu. Body Switch.

naruto and sasuke switch bodies fanfiction

This would be an amusing day Sasuke was waiting on the bridge looking bored as always. Since he'd returned, things had finally went back to a sense of normalcy, almost as if the past few years hadn't happened. Sakura was pacing and it was getting on his last nerve. His eye twitched but the stoic ninja kept his words at bay and merely sighed. Sakura pouted for a moment and then resumed pacing. Sasuke glared at her and looked back down at the water. Naruto watched from the bushes at a safe distance as he barely contained his "teehees" with a malicious grin on his face.

He pulled out the piece of paper and started the jutsu focusing on Sakura and Sasuke Sasuke felt funny and then he noticed that he was pacing and stopped. What the Directly ahead of him was his own body His eyes darted around looking to see if maybe someone was around doing some weird genjutsu. He tried to activate his sharingan but nothing happened. He saw his body get up screaming with his voice as well. Sakura looked down only to see Sasuke's outfit on her She looked over the railing into the water and shrieked as she saw Sasuke's face looking back at her.

She promptly fainted. Sasuke gaped watching his body faint. His eyes widened in horror as he saw a pink strand of hair blow in front of his eyes. Naruto was laughing uncontrollably as BOTH of his victims fainted.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

BodySwitchFan hide bio. Sort: Category. Freaky Swaps by mikel97 reviews The unsuccessful chase on the swapping villain, half of the Class 2-A and 2-B find themself trapped in different bodies on the next day. Now they must to learn how to life each others lives and help their friends to navigate through it. Will that experience be successful? What it will born?

Would everything stayed the same way? Rated M because of Bakugo and suggestive themes. Soul Insert by lagseeing reviews "Know more about the girl you like. And indeed you'll get to know more about her 'cause this app gave you the ability to possess the body of this certain person as Naruto would find out.

Self exploration. NaruSaku, SasuSaku. Warnings: Rated M. Lots of limes and lemons. Experiencing another gender. Now, He is thrown into an unexpected roller coaster ride which includes the government, the CIA, and all sorts of ridiculousness.

One thing leads to another, but they decide that their own bodies really aren't suitable for something like this.

naruto and sasuke switch bodies fanfiction

Polyjuice Potion and Body swapping occurs, leading to a much changed world. First chapter content is not representative of the rest. Not suitable for younger readers. Switched Ninjas After encountering an exiled Yamanaka clan member. While out an a simple mission. Naruto and Sakura find their bodies being switched as a result of the attack. My Switched Heroes reviews Deku and Momo are attacked by a villain, who has the quirk ability to switch bodies. Afterwards the villain escapes, thus leaving them switched.

Will they be able to find the villain? And will they be able to pass off acting as each other? Tune in and read on to find out. Advanced Switching reviews After making a wish on the Millennium comet to better understand Ash.

May is granted her wish, though not in the way she had expected. Since due to the wish the two have ended up switching bodies. Switching of the birds After being forced into a vacation, by the other titans.Don't ask me why I am writing this cuz, even I don't have clue! I was just wondering about what if Naruto and Sasuke had opposite personalities?

And BANG! A Fanfic! But I just twisted that idea a little. I don't know whether this thing is ever going to have a plot. Just a mad fic! It was when Naruto met Sasuke on the peak of Mountain Of Destiny I didn't even knew it existedto make things clear once and for all, and suddenly, a flash came up which blinded everything in sight.

Neither of them knew what was happening and before they knew, they were lying flat on the ground. In a peculiar way, they felt slightly uncomfortable. Naruto felt something heavy around his waist and Sasuke felt like he was going to be steamed. Get that thing in your head first, Teme! Sasuke was surprised at the comment. As far as he remembered, even he hadn't performed any jutsu.

Then why was he seeing himself in front of him? His attention was caught only by the heat he was feeling so badly. His shirt was open till the torso, how the hell did it feel so hot? He unchained his orange jumper to let off some heat. Wait- did I say orange jumper? Okay, now Sasuke was shocked. What the hell was he doing in Naruto's clothes? He felt his face and body to make sure what had happened, and got yet another shock.

His long, black, silky bangs had gone! How much he loved them. Not to mention how much care and troubles he had to get through to have them in a perfect shape. And now, they were gone. Simply, poof. And what would must have replaced them but the very hairstyle he loathed of all.

Spiky blonde. No, No, No, No, No! How do you expect me to calm down dumb-ass! Do you even have the slightest idea of what has happened? And I don't have the slightest idea how to fix thing!

I don't even know how the hell this happened! It took a moment before Naruto could gather everything. And when he did, which was some time later he screamed just like Sasuke had some minutes ago, which looked, I must say, really a scene, now that he had Sasuke's looks. He tried to get away from the body, dusting off his clothes as if something infectious had stuck to him.

Naruto stopped finally, yes because of the remarks, but not because he was guilty or anything, but just to reply some back. They kept on throwing insults at each other for a long time, and I think I'll just pass on them as, Ehem, I don't think any of it should go in here. We'll ask Baa-chan to fix this problem!She had no idea how to solve this problem, no idea how it could happen, and was going to just relax. Boys pee differently.

First order of business: Bladder Control! He had to still be asleep, but since the Sakura he saw in the mirror did everything he did, he could feel breasts, and woke up in a pink room, he came to the horrible conclusion. He put his hand to his chin, feeling the mask. He finally got to see Kaka-sensei's face! That is even grosser than those boxers I left on the microwave for a year. With some difficulty Sasuke had showered with his eyes closedchanged into new clothes, and walked outside to go find the others on his team.

It was hard, because Sakura's hips moved differently than his. He walked down the street, feeling as awkward as he had ever in his life. He got a number of smiles from people that made him fell…dirty.

Pleasant smiles from boys, men, old men, really old men, and really, really, old men. He found the Uchiha Manor and entered, looking for his body. Most likely, he would find Sakura in it…. He opened the door and entered, where he found himself walking around with active Sharingan. The trademark arched eyes made it obvious that it was his teacher.

She walked into the kitchen, feeling hungry and wanting something to eat. Besides ramen she thought as she opened the cupboard.

It was completely full of ramen. When it finished and she had disposed of some orange underwear that had been totally gross. She had never eaten anything that tasted so…right. She knew why the boy ate it so much, but she'd had ramen before and never experienced anything like that.

She was distracted from her post-feast stupor by knocking on the door.I guess this story takes place He ran, and threw a punch. Seeing that it didnt work, he did a couple of hand seals. His hand, shaped like an O, blew fire out of his mouth. He had no time to see if it worked. Quickly, he took out two kunai, and threw it through the smoke. A tight grip was on his leg. He looked down. He lost again. Uchiha Sasuke, defeted by Kakashi's underground technic. Kakashi held a kunai up to his throat.

You always just pop from underneath. Kakashi took out his book. You are just too concentrated on what you can see. Behind, above, and infront. Sasuke nodded, then walked over to Naruto and Sakura. Sasuke looked at the two. They were hitting kunai and shurikens at a board. How did the match go with Kakashi sensei? Sakura blinked, and sighed.

Naruto tapped his foot. Ohhh, so you lost eh? Can you buy us ramen! Kakashi put his book down. I will use my sexy jutsu, on Jiraiya, and make him write another one of yoyur perverted books, if you buy us ramen! Kakashi put his book away, and zoomed to the ramen bar. Sakura giggled.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3.

After finishing some business with the owner and the now clean Uzumaki apartment, Sakura decides to stroll along the streets of Konoha. She stumbles as she crashes into somebody.

They both fall to the floor. Hinata blushes. You saved me. T - thank you. Sakura catches her before she can even slump. What do you do when someone you like falls unconscious?

Do you leave them there out in the open? Or do you something logical? You ask me, Haruno. That's what I'll do! Let her sleep a little! I'm not used to this feeling ,' she feels her crotch rub up against the Hyuga's body. She feels a plethora of pleasure and is ecstatic and aroused. This is Sakura, remember? Her head is messed up! Now that I'm living on my own! Think, you demon, think! Sakura holds Hinata bridal style, and wills chakra to her feet.

Jumping from roof to roof, she rushes off to Naruto's now clean apartment. She opens the door with the keys and bolts onto the bed. She lays the Hyuga heiress there, tucking her in gently. Even that Uchiha isn't as delicious as that human. I bet she tastes good, too. Like ramen.

naruto and sasuke switch bodies fanfiction

I hate ramen! But, I suppose a lick won't hurt ,' she leans down onto Hinata's still flushed face. By her earlobe, she opens her mouth and her tongue does the rest. Her ear is wet, now, and Hinata moans softly in her sleep. Sakura gasps. She feels blood rush downwards and it feels so pleasurable. I can't do this ,' Inner Sakura thinks. She's just a friend.Number 6: What if things really were switched between Naruto and Sasuke? Sasuke Uchiha, sole survivor of the Uchiha Clan… wielder of the powerful Sharingan, and most promising candidate for Rookie-of-the-year.

Years earlier he had been subject to witness the fall of his clan, by the hands of his own brother no less. No one knew of what was said between them, but whatever it was had produced miracles for the boy's growth, pushing him to limits beyond what any academy student should have been capable of.

As he ran his hand in his dark hair, he sighed, sending a wary glance to his two future teammates. His eyes first landed on the pink-haired kunoichi sitting patiently beside him. Sakura Haruno, a member of a civilian family, relatively average kunoichi skills, and esteemed "rival of love". The girl was supposedly skilled in Genjutsu, but having little interaction with her outside of class, Sasuke wasn't sure whether these claims held any merit. Then of course, there was the last member of the team.

Him… the blonde shinobi glaring at the others from the back of the room, his headband dangling nonchalantly from the top of his head, as if he didn't even care about what it stood for.

His name was Naruto Uzumaki, also known as monster, also known as demon brat… also known as… Sasuke stopped, having long lost track of all the words the villagers used to describe the blonde. He had never known what the boy had done to receive such treatment from the village, but he never bothered to get close enough to ask. Still, there was something about him that just screamed danger, and even the great prodigy was wary around the boy, believing that if it came down to an all-out scuffle, he would lose.

Turning his eyes forward once more, he awaited the arrival of their sensei-to-be, one Kakashi Hatake. He didn't know what to expect from the Jounin, but if the fact he was running well over an hour late for their first meeting said anything about him, Sasuke wasn't going to hold high expectations. The door slid open, and a silver-haired man wearing a dark mask covering most of his face poked his head inside.

The man sighed, as if expecting something to happen, but nonetheless continued onward. Naruto, as usual, merely eyed the man, as if taking in everything about him. A twitch of the eye… a clenched hand… and utter silence…. Each member of the team had reacted in different ways. The man smiled at the three of them, pulling a small orange book from his pocket and flipping the page.

It hadn't taken long to arrive. As the three approached the man, who was now seated comfortably reading his book, Sakura spoke. Likes, dislikes and dreams for the future.

Why don't you show us how it's done first? Blushing, she quickly turned her face forward to face Kakashi once more, "I dislike Ino-pig!

The Girls' Diet - Ft. Hinata, Ino, Sakura & Tenten

Naruto glared at the man, his hands folded in front of his face angrily as he spoke, "Naruto Uzumaki. My dream for the future… is irrelevant at this time. Man… what a pessimist… Kakashi thought, I might have to do something about that mean streak… he pointed to Sasuke, "And last but not least…".

My dislikes… I dislike traitors…" he said with a frown, "and… my dream for the future…" he grinned, "I want to protect this village, and prevent anything like the Uchiha Massacre from happening again! And there it is… I tried to style Naruto after a less homicidal Gaara, hope it turned out alright. As for Sasuke, I feel that perhaps if Itachi hadn't been so focused on the "use your hatred" and didn't Tsukiyomi Sasuke every time they met he might've ended up more like this.

Sakura's the same for the most part, though she might have an easier time getting Sasuke to go on a date. Kakashi will probably take his job a little more seriously, though probably not too much.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and if you want to, review!



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