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Sujet bac anglais pdf

All cultures have myths. They can be regarded as an ideal or role model. Our modern world is built on the exploration and the conquest of new spaces. Nations are becoming more and more dependant on each other and our world seems geographically smaller then ever before thanks to improved transportation and communication systems.

Throughout history trade, emigration, communication and conquest have brought about numerous cultural, political and economical exchanges across the world. This notion can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change in technology, science and social organisation which bring about a positive change to our society. These advances help improve our daily lives and give us a better quality of life. In order to be able to live together, members of a community draw up rules, regulations and law and try to respect them.

This helps to create social cohesion but can also lead to conflicts and tensions when certain members of the community disagree with these rules. This notion deals with the different forms of power in the world and the places where it is exerted. It also includes the counter powers and the struggles when people try to resist.

Bonne question!! What effect has the Brexit had on trade in Britain? In what way has the Brexit affected trade and movement to and from Britain? How has the Brexit affected Britain and its relationship with Europe? Why did the UK vote for the Brexit and what will it mean? Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux commentaires. Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux articles. Myths and Heroes What is a myth? What is a hero? What can we talk about to illustrate this notion?

Reality TV stars — are they the new heroes? Spaces and Exchanges Our modern world is built on the exploration and the conquest of new spaces.

Throughout history trade, emigration, communication and conquest have brought about numerous cultural, political and economical exchanges across the world What can we talk about to illustrate this notion? Trade exchanges across borders Globalisation Immigration Language and educational exchanges Cultural exchanges arts, media, fashion, music International communication Internet and social networks Ideas for topics: The Brexit — how will it affect Europe and trade across borders?

The Idea of Progress This notion can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change in technology, science and social organisation which bring about a positive change to our society.

Scientific Progress such as medical advances, cures for illnesses, cloning, performance-enhancing drugs, genetically modified organisms. Technological Progress such as technologies to slow down climate change: hybrid cars, wind turbines, solar panels, biofuel New forms of communication: the internet, social media, satellite Social Progress: changes that affect the social and environmental needs of a society.

This can include wellness health, shelter and sanitationequality, inclusion, sustainability and personal freedom and safety. Ideas for topics: Designer babies — the ethical considerations Internet and social networks — improvement to international communications Cyberbullying and cyber criminality Suffragettes — the right for women to vote The civil rights movement in the USA Same-sex marriage and the redefinition of family values Equal access to education for girls and women The end to apartheid in South Africa New techologies to produce energy and protect the environment The effects of industrial progress on the environment greenhouse effect, melting ice caps, rising of ocean levels, ocean temperature increase New methods for predicting severe weather tsunami, tornado, storm warnings that save thousands of lives Journalism and internet and the problem of fake news Progress in India: is it a modern country?

Online shopping: the pros and cons increase in the offer of goods but decrease in the number of shops in towns and cities Equality: the same rights for women and men salaries, number of women in influential positions 4. Share this: Twitter Facebook. WordPress: J'aime chargement…. Understanding or at least trying to understand!His mother is Jamaican and his father is English.

They lived in a chanty town where they were confronted with poverty and suffering. His first album with the Wailers was I the ska style. After this, he created the Reggae. In 2 days before the concert he escaped an attack: 2 armed men infiltrated his home and opened the fire.

Like a hero, he appreared on the stage. Induring his heur in Paris he hunted his foot by playing soccer.

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Tired, Bob began to make look much thinner. He made an attack during his jogging and the next day, he held his last concert Pittsburgh. After this, the rest of its tours have been cancelled, his state of health dedined faster and faster and he died on May 11th in Miami while he joined Jamaica. Bob has one sister, Constance Marley. How he began in the music Inwith his mother, they moved to Kingston for a new start. His fight In 2 days before the concert he escaped an attack: 2 armed men infiltrated his home and opened the fire.

His wound Induring his heur in Paris he hunted his foot by playing soccer.

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The end of his life. Uniquement disponible sur LaDissertation. Lire le document complet Enregistrer.I - Complete these sentences with the appropriate words of your own 5 marks.

II- Complete the following sentences with appropriate words chosen from the brackets. I - Fill in the blanks spaces with the correct word chosen from the following list 5marks.

sujet bac anglais pdf

II- Complete the following sentences with words chosen from the brackets 5 marks. Dans cette phrase, on a un indicateur du simple present: every week end. Il s'agit alors des actions habituelles, ce que Jimmy fait chaque fois.

Dans cette phrase, on utilise le 2nd conditional car il s'agit d'un souhait, d'un voeux. Beyonce If i were a boy Have they, haven't they, hasn't they?

Do not change the sense of any sentence. I was born in Yaounde. In spite o f his intelligence, Affizie failed the Probatoire examination.

In spite of the fact that Affizie was intelligent, he failed his examination. D ans cette phrase on commence par In spite of. If i were you, i would see the doctor immediately.

I haven't got anything to do now. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Write in the space provided. You may make other changes you find necessary. The training course takes three years. It's a three years training course. Without is father's help, we wouldn't have got the job. If his father hadn't helped him, he wouldn't have got the job. Don't eat uncooked food.

Avoid eating uncooked food. Although we had the map we got lost. It's taken me a year to save up for my bike 1-d. They will pay for letting him to escape 2- a.

Complete the following sentences with appropriate words or expressions from the brackets. What time does the train from Ngaoundere get to Yaounde reach, get, come, arrive Clue to get to but arrive at.

You can look up the number in the phone directory index, dictionary, directory, register Clue repertoire en anglais. Janet has a good job. I'm sure she earns over five hindred thousand francs gains, earns, receives, wins Clue earn gagner de l'argent. Make sure you use your time sensibly. Don't waste it. Write the appropriate form of the word in brackets in the space provided. Membership of the English Club is open to everybody member clue les mots renvoyant au groupe se forment avec le suffixe ship dans la plupart des cas partnership ex.

The internet can enable people coommunicate with those who are thousands of kilometres away able verb to enable. The Manager asked his secretary to computerize the data computer Clue, verb to computerize.Notre catalogue. Documents Education Annales du bac. Voir tout.

sujet bac anglais pdf

Session Page 1 sur 6. She was the youngest of the dozen or so who were attempting to leave their homeland for a future of uncertainties. Her husband had already made the crossing to get her to the promised land of Texas. The four women in the group were put up in a hotel, with no food until the next afternoon. When they were released, they waited until dark, this time with the understanding that a few individuals would sacrifice themselves and be caught, the distraction giving the others in the group a chance to disappear quietly into the darkness.

She is not alone. Countless others of the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U. She and her 3 husband keep the family afloat doing construction jobs and housekeeping. But the imminent threat of deportation of her husband keeps her awake at night.

Page 2 sur 6. Document 2. Meanwhile, she actually dreamt of returning to Mexico. Thousands of other Mexicans, across classes and ages, education levels and legal 2 statuses take the same plunge each year, opting to return home from the U. You have a good job. You have school for your son.

All of these opportunities. About 90 percent of the approximately 1. Some found less economic prosperity in the U. Others experienced irreparable alienation. Some, like Lozano, say they just missed their families and culture. She got a job as a sales assistant at Neuronix Medical. It paid less, but she could work less and spend more time with her son. Alysa Hullett, March 26, from www. Page 3 sur 6. The following statements are true.Copy out the following paragraph filling in each blank with one word taken from the text.

Justify each answer with a quote from the text. New Canadians. Indigenous Peoples. Justify with a quote. The journalist thinks that Canadians have a strong and remarkable identity.

Bac Anglais 2015 : les sujets et Corrigés de LV1 à télécharger

In Aprilof Canadian citizens traveled to France to commemorate the th anniversary of the battle for Vimy Ridge, which took place in It is paradoxical that we commemorate peace after a war, with dead and wounded. It was a commemorative for the first trip of the Atlanta Zephyr. He could feel the speed. It was not the picture of a vase or a cat. The train, tinted blue, was a notion of possibility.

Human beings had made these trains, men like him, and if to outsiders a stamp was no kind of monument to a grand idea, for Alphonse this was true craftsmanship.

With a few simple strokes, with a few anonymous cars and one noble locomotive, the artist had composed the definition of dreaming.

Anything could be in those cars, anything he wanted. He filled albums and albums with stamps from around the world. Every place on the globe was linked by the invention of the railroad, it crossed oceans and cultures. Extrait Document A A. Stamps represent the obsolescence of works made by men, as a souvenir. Document B H. En ce moment. Que faire avec ou sans le bac Find one common point and one difference between April 9 and April 9 Give 2 reasons why the battle can be considered a turning point in the history of Canada.

Suivez-nous sur Twitter BAC Salons Studyrama Retirez ici votre invitation gratuite. Alternance possible.In Aprilthousands of Canadian citizens traveled to France to commemorate the th anniversary of the battle for Vimy Ridge, which took place in A difference between April 9 and April 9 is the weather.

It was very sunny during the commemoration contrary to the day when the battle started. A common point is the pride and unity of Canadians. What can be seen as paradoxical in the commemoration is Gov. Indigenous peoples fought during the battle to help free and save those who conquered their own territory a few hundred years prior.

Document B G. This document is a photograph of a commemoration as we can see wreaths on a grave at a cemetery with family members commemorating and remembering their deceased ancestor. It could be a Memorial. We can also notice a soldier who is giving a military salute. Be it the soldier or the family members, their attitude is calm and solemn and they behave with great dignity. It expresses their respect and gratitude as well as their pride for the selfless deeds the deceased has accomplished.

The deceased can be regarded as a hero. Document C I. The narrator is: 3. They learn to locate the various countries that make up the Commonwealth on the roll-down map and they sing the national anthem as well as Rule Britannia, another patriotic song. The activities strengthen patriotic values and national identity. The narrator feels uncomfortable about showing compassion for the English children because she feels like she is giving strangers who live very far away from her and whom she does not know a part of her when giving them her old clothes.

It is as though they were taking a part of her unduly. All three documents insist on the need for a national identity and unity when people are at war. It is essential to share common values and to be ready to fight for them as a nation. Solidarity and support from the population are essential as the population needs to support its soldiers and be ready to make sacrifices to protect its values.

This is more difficult to ask a child to make sacrifices document 3 since she is not mature enough to understand all that is at stake.

It is also essential for people to remember and commemorate. Il fallait donc respecter la forme journalistique titre, date, source….Founder of the competition : Charlie Waite 3. Submission deadline for : July 11th 4. Location of the winning photograph : Crummock Water in Cumbria 6. Season depicted in the winning photograph : Autumn B. True: ll. False: ll. False: l. Glastonbury Tor seems mysterious.

Charlie Waite says that photographs can: - a. Three types of photographs are mentioned: photographs of the city l.

sujet bac anglais pdf

This shows that the British landscape is extremely diverse. They sponsor the competition for two reasons. This statement is false. The competition is presented in an extremely positive light and the interviewees all express enthusiasm about it. Document B I. The people seem to be joyful and relaxed. A party, maybe a birthday party or an anniversary, seems to be taking place.

Document C N. The tourists are taking photos because they are at the famous site of Stonehenge. On top of that, the sun is about to set. Her intentions are artistic as she is creating a mise en abyme with many pictures inside her picture and sociological as she is ironically showing how British tourists behave and all take the exact same picture.

Photography is powerful because: - it allows people to record moments that mean a lot to them like the party in Document B or a holiday as in Document C; - it can capture ephemeral events such as mist, joy or a sunset as illustrated in the three documents; - it is a form of art that is accessible to all whether you are a professional photographer like Tony Bennett or the narrator in Document B, or a simple tourist.

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